I always loved driving, before I was 17 I drove my dad’s van on private property, I got to the end of the road, did a 3 point turn and came back again.

I passed my driving test first time but it really wasn’t a good drive and I had quite few driver faults. At 20 I passed my advance driving test and it was a good pass, although I did get the label wrong for a road sign he asked me about, even though I knew what it meant and what I could and couldn’t do.

In 2004 I trained as a ADI (approved driving instructor) and worked in the Bognor area with my friends at PDW. I got over 300 hundred people through their test and with a good pass rate. The national average is 47% and my pass rate was over 60% and my first time pass rate over 40%.

During this time I had an opportunity to work at Goodwood teaching children to drive round the circuit, people ask if I got scared but I explain that you know what your student can and can’t do and you adjust what you are asking them to do. I have done 60mph down the Lavant straight with a 9yr old driving an automatic Mini One. I still teach at Goodwood today and I’m lucky enough to also work on the low grip area (skid pan), and get to drive brand new BMWs sideways all day, what a weekend job!