Wow what a journey! I started flying kites when I was little with my grandad, when I was 18 I was given some money for my birthday and bought myself a Flexifoil 6ft stacker… And then a 10ft that Christmas and and and…

Aged 20 I worked in a kite shop in Littlehampton and made friend with the Cunning Stunts team down in Salisbury. We also had a kite club, yeah it sounds lame now, but at the time there was about 20 of us regularly flying kites in Littlehampton.

I even tried kitesurfing before kitesurfing was really a thing on Hove lagoon with an old windsurf board and a 4m traction kite.

In 2000 ended up joining the Cunning Stunts team working in the shop and, teaching Kite Buggying, I even raced in the national fleet with the PKA.

Around the world kite surfing was coming real with the development of kite technology, kites with inflatable leading edges hit the beaches and I was able to properly! kitesurf for the first time down in Weymouth.